We raise highly trained birds from pure white racing pigeon stock also known as Rock Doves. Our doves are precious so we will take precautions to protect them and assure their safety. Therefore you must understand and agree to the following:  We will not release birds in unsafe conditions such as indoors, at night, or during very bad weather. If weather conditions become unacceptable for the release on the day of the release we will refund 90% of fee if cancelled before we leave the loft.  If conditions are unacceptable at time of release we will refund 75% of fee to cover travel expenses.
We will not release birds too close to sunset so they can fly home safely. If your event goes past release time birds will not be released, and there will be no refund. 

We will NOT release birds beyond a range that they are able to safely fly home. There may be extra charges for long distance flights and mileage/fuel cost. 
​Will they make a mess at the ceremony?​Our birds have a special diet before big events so they can perform at top levels without "messing up". These are live creatures so there are no guarantees, however birds usually do not defecate while flying so the chances are slim.  
A handler must be present; we will not ship birds for self-release.
A deposit of $100 is due at the time of reservation to "hold" the date. The remainder is due 30 days prior to the event.  In the case of cancellation prior to one month before event by client, the deposit will be refunded less 10% of the full service price.  Cancellations within 1 month of event forfeit deposit.

We promise to do the best we can to assure the highest quality White DoveRelease possible. It is important that you communicate to us your wishes so thatwe can better serve you.

** Please call for specific payment instructions and to verify date and time availability for your event.

     Policy / Agreement
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Phone: 817-726-4220
In the event of bad weather when we can't release the birds we can offer a display of up to 4 birds is an ornate cage either inside or at the cemetery under cover for $250.
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