White Dove releases for Memorials, funerals, and Weddings as well as your special occasions

Please feel free to discuss any customized requests.  Our service area covers the DFW metropolitan and surrounding area within a 40 mile radius of our loft.  There may be an additional travel fee for distances beyond this.

Funeral / Memorial Packages
The birds will be available for release for a period of 60 minutes from scheduled time to allow for possible delays. 

      1 bird released from a basket or by hand                        $250.00

      Trinity:  3 - 4 birds released from basket or by hand       $250.00

      Small heavenly escort 6-10 birds                                   $500.00

   Heavenly escort:  20 bird release followed by 1 bird          $1000.00

      21 Dove Salute for military or public servants                  $1000.00
Trinity-the first 3 birds released symbolize the Trinity. A moment later a single bird representing the deceased is released to join them and after circling together they will fly away.

Heavenly Escort - 20 birds are released to symbolize an angelic host waiting to escort the deceased.  A single bird is then released to soar skyward joining the group to fly away together. 

"Oh that I had the wings of a dove, for 
I would fly away and be at rest.” Psalms 55:6
Phone: 817-726-4220
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