The white doves used for a dove release are white racing homing pigeons which are descended from "Rock Doves".  Scientists still theorize about how they can "home" to their loft from long distances.  Many believe they can sense the magnetic fields of the earth to locate home but other theories exist also.
These amazing athletes of the sky can travel at speeds of 50 mph for hours a day to arrive at their home loft.  ( now that's a long commute! )
Never release small white doves from a pet store since they are not able to fend for themselves in the wild and do not have an ability to "home" to safety.  A professional dove release uses well trained homing pigeons to provide the desired performance for a dramatic ceremonial dove release and ensure the safety of the birds. 

Mom and Dad take turns setting on the eggs and also feeding the young by regurgitating "pigeon milk" into open mouths of the young squeakers.  Once you've heard them beg for food you'll understand the name "squeaker".  
These babies are only a day old.
In 60 days they will be leaving the nest and be nearly the size of their parents.
5 days old
12 days old
bathing beauties lounging around their bath with bath salts from Belgium
I'm a big boy now
....10 weeks old
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