Ceremonial White Dove releases for 
Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding area. Now serving central Texas and Greater Houston Area For Oklahoma City call Stacy Richards at 817 808 6378
A White Dove Release adds drama and excitement to 
any special occasion.  Your guests will be captivated as 
the birds take flight with their wings beating the air as 
they soar overhead with sunlight glinting on their feathers. 

Call for consultation to personalize your release. 
Doves are an international symbol of love, peace, hope, purity, longevity, and new beginnings.  As they circle overhead allowing
the gathering below to fully admire their beauty and grace you 
will hear oohs and aahs and exclamations from everyone.  

These beautiful creatures can help make memories that will 
last a lifetime.


Bird Lady of Haslet helps Elevate Special Occasions 
by Kate Gorman

Fort Worth Star-Telegram story Sunday June 15, 2008 link below 


See the TV debut of our dove in the Nike commercial featuring
Sanya Richards on the USA Olympic women's track team!           
        click the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiL2znfkvFk&feature=youtu.bew

Phone: 817-726-4220
We have been doing white dove releases in Texas since 1997!!
Veteran owned and operated!!!

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